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Turn a TV into a digital signage system

Inform and educate your customers and and even generate advertising revenue

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The best thing to happen in computing this Century, the RASPBERRY PI3

It's a powerful, tiny computer that costs just £30. What else is there to say!!

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Why pay for subscription TV when you can have it ALL for FREE

Now everything you ever wanted to watch or listen to is delivered in a single FREE software package

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Digital signage for the small business

Digital signage is now a must have for every retail business and it's never been so easy to create and manage your own system. The power of single board computers and FREE Open Source software means that your business can now compete with the multinationals in terms of customer engagement and information

Multimedia systems for the home

Home multimedia systems were once only found in futurists homes. The complexity of wiring and expensive hardware and the specialist nature of configuration meant that the price tag was just high for the average home owner. Open Source hardware and software has now removed the cost and complexity barriers for everyone

Home Network for media sharing

With so many devices in the home that can play media, being able to share the media over a home network is a necessity, but its not a simple task. We can help you create the network that will combine wireless, Ethernet and powerline to ensure a seamless access to media wherever it is stored

website creation and hosting

Creating a website has never been easier thanks to Open Source software such as wordpress but without experience, this looks like a very daunting task. With our help and guidance, we will show you all you need to know to create your own website for a fraction of the cost of using a professional company

The power of Open Source hardware & software

Digital signage using Screenly OSE

open source not only saves money, it makes money

And that's a GUARANTEE

If you already have a TV in your business, you are paying over £300 each and every year in additional taxes for a TV licence, PPL & PRS. By using the TV as a digital display, not only do you NOT PAY THE TAXES, the first year savings actually pay for a new TV and hardware. The advertising revenue you then generate is pure profit, earning your business £ thousands Open Source FACTS
The internet has all the content you could ever want in home entertainment. Movies, music, TV shows, all streamed to any device in your home, on demand, in full HD and ALL FOR FREE! So why are you still paying for expensive subscription TV? Switching to an Open Source media player connected to your TV and using FREE Open Source software, you will save £ hundreds each and every year. Open Source FACTS
The raspberry Pi is now as powerful as a tablet but it's a fraction of the size and cost. It makes any TV a SMART TV for around £30. Why don't you have one fitted to every TV in your home?Open Source FACTS


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